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raisinghope_tv's Journal

Raising Hope
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A community for the FOX TV comedy, Raising Hope.
She's the daughter of a serial killer! Some of that evilness has to be hermeditary.

Welcome to raisinghope_tv, the community for fans of the FOX comedy, Raising Hope, which aired from 2010-2014. You may post discussions, interviews, images, fanart... anything relating to the show, as well as non-Raising Hope news about the main actors portraying the characters.

01. STAY ON TOPIC: All posts must be about the show or its main actors. News and info about the main actors' non-Raising Hope projects is allowed.
02. PLAY NICE: Be respectful towards other members. Do not bash any of the actors either.
03. TAGS: Please tag all your posts.
04. LJ-CUTS: Please put images over 500px wide, several images, and large amounts of text under an lj-cut.
05. LOCKED POSTS: Don't link to locked posts. The entry must be unlocked and remain that way for a few days.
06. SOURCES: Cite all sources. When posting an article or image(s), do not just post a link to it. At least copy/paste an excerpt of the article or upload an image, and then link to the source.
official show/actor links.


contact the mod.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or affiliate requests, feel free to send me a message here: pinkbutterflies. I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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